Outreach Projects

Outreach Projects from Dawas Ministries are designed to beyond ministering to street kids to fix the root causes of homelessness. Dawas Ministries outreaches include: Food Banks, School Projects, Discipleship Teaching, Skill Training, Bursary Fund, and the Remembering Our Own Project.

Outreach Projects with Dawas Ministries. Shows boys eating a hot meal at the feeding shelter.

We recognize that most child homelessness and trafficking is the result of larger social and economic issues. For example, many cases of child homelessness are the result of parents being unable to provide for the basic needs of their child. This is why we have outreach programs that not only provide a meal for a day, but empower people in each stage of life to break the cycle of poverty. By providing for basic needs and giving entire families an opportunity to receive education we are able to end child homelessness in entire villages.

Current Outreach Projects

School Project

In India, the average adult receives only 5.1 years of education – not enough to run a successful business or farm. Our School Project provides educational opportunities to break the cycle of ignorance and vastly increase their opportunities. By having access to an education, children are empowered to break the vicious cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Dawas Ministries boys eating a hot meal at the feeding shelter.

Food Banks

Rural areas often experience droughts, or economic fallout, resulting in a food crisis. As food becomes scarce it’s common for men to leave their wives and children at home in search of food. Others resort to crime. Many young people sell their bodies just to make enough money to survive. Even worse, children run away from home to cities in search of food and an idealized world that doesn’t exist. Our food banks provide an infusion of food giving villagers time to become educated and generate more success in farming, and trades.

Discipleship Teaching

It’s through the love of Jesus Christ that Dawas Ministries is able to reach and minister to those in need. Being impacted by the heart of our team and the power of God to heal them, many of the people we minister to also want to receive Jesus as their savior. Discipleship Teaching programs are an opportunity for these to gain a greater understanding of who Jesus is, how he loves them, and how they can move forward in true everlasting life. 

Skill Training

Due to limiting circumstances such as age, caring for family members, or work responsibilities, some of the people are unable to attend school. However, through our Skill Development Trainings, everyone is able to learn practical skills or trades to earn an honorable income. We are currently in process of a project to open multiple skill development centers in many cities and villages for the people.

David receiving his college degree.

Bursary Fund

The Dawas Ministries Bursary fund is a treasury to help students access higher education. Especially children who have been rescued from the streets or raised up in our programs are encouraged to continue learning at the college or university level.

Outreach Program - Remembering Our Own from Dawas Ministries.

Remembering Our Own

The remembering our own program provides ministry to nursing homes and home bound elderlies. We visit them once per month to pray for them and care for their needs as the Lord leads. Our desire is to encourage them that they are not forgotten, but that Jesus loves and cares for them.

Help Send a child to school

A Donation of just $5.00 is more than most Indian people live on for 2 full days.